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Our Troupes are an extension program for a selected group of dancers who display beautiful technique, outstanding work ethic and strong performance ability. Annual invitations for Troupe are communicated in the new year.


In 2024, if a student is selected for Troupe, an agreement must be signed by a parent or guardian agreeing to the terms at a Troupe Information afternoon. Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary are Troupe prerequisite base classes. Troupe students must also attend Jazz Troupe and Contemporary Troupe classes in addition to their 3 base classes. Fees apply per term as per the 2024 fee schedule. 

Our Troupe members will be required to compete in up to 5 Eisteddfods throughout the year and attend

2-4 weekend Choreography sessions. In addition to this, where our Troupes are invited to perform at a community event, further weekend rehearsals may be required.

Troupe 2024

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