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Our Classes
We offer classes in a variety of genres specifically designed to create the versatile dancer.


Ballet is an integral part of a dancers growth. It is the core of all dance and implements correct technique while building strong, lean and agile dancers. Students also acquire grace, perseverance and pride as they progress through their Ballet grades.

Dance Lab Studios provide the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) classical Ballet syllabus. We cater to ages 4 years and up and welcome beginner through to advanced levels. Students wishing to take part in RAD Exams must attend 2 classes of their grade per week. 

Cape PA require all Troupe members to partake in at least 1 hour of Ballet per week.

Tap is one of the oldest and more difficult styles of dance. Available for all ages, Tap improves dancers timing, musicality and rhythm. 

Steps and routines are taught progressively throughout the year, allowing students to improve in time. Students will build core stability while controlling their percussive footwork. 



Originally a progression from ballet, Jazz has evolved into many different aspects of dance.

At Cape Performing Arts, students learn the traditional technique and foundation of Jazz, mixed with an injection of current style and choreography.

Our classes cover Commercial Jazz, Theatre Jazz and Musical Theatre, giving our students a taste of all aspects of Jazz while creating a versatile dancer.

DLS require all Troupe members to partake in at least 1 hour of Jazz per week.

Influenced by pop culture Hip Hop is a fun, relaxed urban style of dance that is continuously evolving and a big favourites among students.

Hip Hop does not require classical training, but is more focused on personal style, energy, connection to the music and articulation. 



One of the most popular dance styles of today, Contemporary is a fusion of Ballet technique with raw, flowing, modern movement. Contemporary and lyrical dance is less structured and more about feeling and expression often portraying a story or concept through the movement.

At Cape Performing Arts, students will learn the basic foundations of contemporary and lyrical dance while improving on their strength and technique. 

We highly recommend our contemporary students also attend ballet as the two work hand in hand and students will accelerate their progress.

Our Acro class breaks down the fundamentals of contemporary tricks including floor work, jumps and flips. There is a strong focus on conditioning and strengthening the dancers body so that they can execute these movements correctly.

This is a fabulous class for the dedicated dancer who wants to take their skill set to the next level. 




We are very excited to be offering Ready Set Dance in 2020. An incredible Pre School program that allows our budding young dancers to learn the foundations of many styles of dance and performance through interactive play.


Ready Set Dance has been developed using the knowledge of successful dance teachers who have been running this age group for over thirty years.

Targeted at ages two to five years old, the syllabus is divided into two levels. The specially-designed Jazz, Hip Hop, Singing and Tap exercises are explored during games such as balancing bean bags, working as a team with the parachute, singing on the microphone, and playing musical instruments, the classes extend beyond dance C'c, Confidence Coordination and Creativity.

We just know you are going to love it!

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